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(Taken from the book “Salute dell’Habitat by Nicola Limardo, pub. by Anima) The term solar radiation refers to all types of natural radiation that originate in the Sun. This radiation is extremely variable and hence its doses are unpredictable, featuring peak levels at intervals of a few hours or a few days. Solar radiation is made up of 90% protons, 9% alpha particles and the remaining 1% electrons and helium atoms. Generally speaking, this radiation is deviated by the Earth’s magnetic field, however, a tiny part of it manages to penetrate: the penetration capacity is greater at the poles, while at the equator it is less, and hence the Sun’s radiation penetrates less. This radiation interacts with the nuclei present in the air consisting of protons and neutrons, and this interaction produces charged “pions”, which then decay into “muons” charged both positively and negatively, which finally penetrate the Earth having lost energy in their decaying. The effective dose detected at ground level, originating in cosmic rays, is measured in mSv/year (milliSievert/year) and this dose also comprises ultraviolet UV rays, which are notoriously detrimental to our health. In fact, the ionizing component of this radiation can cause a tumour that attacks the skin (melanoma), and the risk is especially pronounced in people with pale complexions. For further information, consult the websites in the medical sector under “damage due to ultraviolet radiation”. torna
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