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In the autumn of 2011 in Ragusa, a decidedly singular event occurred: Prof Limardo was in town for a theory-practical course pertaining to the phenomenon of natural radiation and, during the evening, he noticed thousands of ants emerging from the ground and following an orderly trail that was not broken even by the presence of obstacles (dwellings, gates, walls, etc.). Having with him his instruments for detecting natural radiation, the professor verified that the path followed by the ants corresponded to a micro-fault line and the spectrometer indicated an alteration of the position of gamma radiation coming from under the ground (the position is usually stable whereas, in this case, it was highly unstable). Prof Limardo considered the possibility that a seismic event might soon occur, and that the anomalous behaviour of the ants could be a reaction to a source of disturbance that they had perceived. That same night, an earthquake was recorded; fortunately it was not of great intensity, but it was felt by the population and was also reported in local and national newspapers. The students of the course, who had witnessed the measurements taken by the professor and heard his conjectures, were stunned and they received further confirmation of the importance of monitoring for modifications in telluric radiation. Naturally, the phenomenon could be an interesting starting point for new research in the sector and, in fact, Prof Limardo and his team have resolved to examine the subject in greater depth in the future, also availing of renowned geophysicists and electronic engineers, for the purposes of devising suitable instrumentation, and applying for contributions towards research from some organizations. These include the State of Oregon -USA- which has hitherto revealed itself to be sensitive and alert to his studies, recently contributing 50% of the costs of his research into designing a nanoprocessor that would be extremely useful for protecting people from possible biological damage to their DNA deriving from the use of cellular phones (the certificates and the characteristics of the nanoprocessor are on the website

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