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A young researcher from Italy’s Marche Region, Arturo Carducci, a student on the Posturometric Technician vocational training course at the “Jean Monnet” University in Brussels, has developed a thesis titled “Errors in the detection and evaluation of the posture-stabilometric parameters of environmental origin”. Studying the results obtained analysing the outcomes of posturometric tests on 100 patients, Carducci was able to demonstrate that if the patient was positioned over a micro-area of naturally occurring gamma radiation, the device indicated a diagnostic error. As reported verbatim by the researcher in his conclusions, natural radiation causes a clear effect, “that of making a postural condition, which in certain senses is within the norm if the patient lives far from radiation sources, seem pathological”. On the occasion of the experiment, confirmation was also had of the validity of a radiation protection system which, applied under the location of the electromedical machine, allowed correct results to be obtained, even in the presence of a perturbed micro-area. In conclusion, it behoves the producers of electromedical equipment to supply healthcare providers with all the tools necessary for avoiding diagnostic errors, which are not caused by the equipment or by the operator, but by the location of the patient’s bed. In the light of the foregoing, together with their products, some manufacturers of electromedical devices also provide as an accessory the special anti-radiation shield to be positioned under the location of the patient’s bed, so as to avoid their clients making macroscopic diagnostic errors (further information in the book “Salute dell’Habitat” by Nicola Limardo). torna
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